First annual Abolitionists Day held in Gettysburg
    More than 100 people attended the first annual
Abolitionists Day that was held on March 4 at the
Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary. The program included
skits about the famous abolitionists Thaddeus Stevens,
William Lloyd Garrison, Hariet Tubman, Susan B.
Anthony, Frederick Douglass and Harriet Beecher
Stowe. Between the performances, the audience was
treated to abolitionist music by Dearest Home, a Civil
War era musical group.
  The event had its genesis as a reaction to
Confederate Flag Day, which was held on the
Gettysburg battlefield last March. That effort to honor
the disreputable symbol of the Confederacy, was met
by a counter demonstration where insults were
shouted at the neo-Confederates.
  With a desire to show the true meaning behind the
Confederate flag, the Thaddeus Stevens Society at its
April meeting decided to hold Abolitionists Day as a
counter event to Confederate Flag Day to honor the
men and women who risked their lives and fortunes to
end the evil institution of slavery. As it turned out,
Confederate Flag Day was not observed in Gettysburg
this year, but there were such events in other states
sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
  Abolitionists Day got the enthusiastic support of the
Adams County Human Relations Council, the
Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary and Gettysburg
College. If you are interested in helping with next
year's events, please call 717-334-1912 or email
Ross Hetrick as Thaddeus Stevens, Judy Young as Harriet
Beecher Stowe and Michelle Gorski as Susan B. Anthony.
George Muschamp as William Lloyd Garrison and Bria Litz as
Harriet Tubman.