Thirteen members of the Thaddeus Stevens Society met in Fairfield, PA, on December 2, 2017 to tour the remains of
Thaddeus Stevens's Maria iron furnace and two stone viaducts that were to be part of the Tapeworm Railroad, a
state-sponsored railroad that Stevens was able to pass through the Pennsylvania legislature in the 1830s. Below are pictures
of the tour. Many thanks to Rosalie Moore Dillan, Randy Harris and George Muschamp for taking these pictures.
Ross Hetrick, facing camera, shows remains of the Maria Furnace in Fairfield, PA,
on Iron Springs Road. It was owned in part by Stevens from 1826 to 1837.
Closer shot of the pyramid shaped pile of rocks that was the furnace
stack, which is now covered by vegetation.
Stevens's Society members climb on top of Tapeworm Railroad viaduct
that goes underneath Iron Springs Road in Fairfield, PA
Stevens's Society members gather on the east side of the viaduct that goes
underneath Iron Springs Road in Fairfield, PA.
The north entrance to Tapeworm Railroad viaduct on Mt. Hope Road in
the Village of Virginia Mills near Fairfield, PA.
The side of the Mt. Hope viaduct, which stretches more than the length of
a football field.
South entrance of the viaduct on Mt. Hope Road.
Group photo of members having business meeting and lunch at historic
Fairfield Inn, which was frequented by Stevens.
Those present starting in
back on left side are Jeffrey Wilson, Rosalie Moore Dillan, Randy Harris,
and Bob Windemuth. Starting in back on right side are Donald Gallagher,
Ross Hetrick, Marguerite Wilson, Donald Arrowood, Gary Casteel and
Suzanne Merkey. Not show is George Muschamp, who took the picture.