Society Donates $500 For Cemetery Work

The Thaddeus Stevens Society has donated $500 to the restoration of the cemetery
where Thaddeus Stevens is buried and plans to contribute more in the coming month.
Late last year, the Society made a special fundraising request to members to help raise
money for the badly dilapidated Shreiner-Concord Cemetery in Lancaster. The
foundation that oversees the cemetery is trying to raise $6,000 to supplement grants that
will total $68,205.
Society members have responded generously and the following people have given
additional contributions beyond their normal membership dues: Beverly Palmer, Charles
and Mary Stamm, Peter Rios, Carolyn Quadarella, Donald Gallagher, Larry Gibbs,
William Griscom, John Gibson, Archie Lintz, Sam Biasucci, Thomas Beck, Frank
Ninivaggi, Sally Nungesser, Wendy Swanson, Sylvia Gadient, William Allison, Randolph
Harris and Ross Hetrick.