Stevens Society Applies With
Filmmaker For Mini-Series Grant
The Thaddeus Stevens Society has joined with Los Angeles
filmmaker Gary Goldsmith to seek a federal grant to make a
television mini-series about Thaddeus Stevens and
The Society and Goldsmith are seeking a $39,000 grant from
the National Endowment for the Humanities to cover the cost
of researching and developing the series, which would tell the
story of Reconstruction from 1865 to 1877.
Goldsmith aims to help change public opinion about
Reconstruction, which has been grossly distorted in the past
by such movies as
Birth of a Nation, and Gone With The Wind.
The mini-series will not be a documentary, but rather a
dramatic series such as
John Adams or A Band of Brothers.
The project will focus on Thaddeus Stevens, the chief
architect of Reconstruction, and Rev. Tunis Campbell, a
pioneering leader in the black south.
The grant will only cover preliminary work on the project.
After that is completed, fundraising would start for the writing
and production of the series.
Filmmaker Gary Goldsmith