Abolitionists Day enters second year in Gettysburg
      The second annual Abolitionists Day was held on Saturday, March 3, at the GAR Hall in Gettysburg, PA. Southern abolitionists wee portrayed and Civil War
and abolitionists music was played by Dearest Home band.
Isaiah Washington at podium playing famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass.
Ross Hetrick, playing Kentucky abolitionist Cassius Clay, brandishing
knife used to defend against slavery supporters.
George Muschamp, playing Levi Cofin, recalls days on the Underground
Abolitionists Harriet Jacobs and Angelina Grimke, played by Sheila
Supenski and Judy Young, discuss efforts to pass 13th Amendment.
Bria Litz and Dee Ross, portraying Mary Bowser and Elizabeth Van Lew,
discuss spying on the Confederate White House.
Cast members hold copies of Frederick Douglass's autobiography,
presented by Ross Hetrick, far right.