Stevens's Cemetery Gets Grant
More Fundraising Needed

Randy Harris, a member of the Thaddeus Stevens Society, has been successful in
getting a $38,205 matching grant from the Lancaster County government to repair and
improve the cemetery where Thaddeus Stevens is buried. However, the money that was
to be matched has been reduced by $6,000, necessitating fundraising effort to fill that
The Shreiner-Concord Cemetery at the corner of Mulberry and Chestnut Streets in
Lancaster was picked by Stevens to be his final resting place because it did not
discriminate against minorities, unlike other cemeteries of the time.
 The new grant was slated to be added to an existing grant of $30,000 from the state
for a total amount of $68,205. This was then to be used to repair tombstones and erect
an informational kiosk to explain the significance of the cemetery and Stevens’s
But after Harris got the grant, $6,000 was unexpected taken out of the existing $30,000
grant for improvements to surrounding sidewalks. Undeterred, Harris is now trying to
make up the shortfall.
The Thaddeus Stevens Society will discuss a proposal at the November 8 meeting to
help the effort by asking members to renew their membership early and then donating
part of the proceeds. We would also take steps to ensure that the money is only used on
cemetery restoration.