Lincoln Movie Inspires Articles, Radio Shows
And Membership Growth
  The Lincoln movie has dramatically boosted
the public image of Thaddeus Stevens. The
movie’s release in November has inspired
numerous newspaper and magazine articles about
Stevens and three radio interviews in San
Francisco, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.
Membership in the Society has increased from
60 to 85.
 And we have had a lot of fun. The Society
organized three movie parties in Bethesda, MD,
Gettysburg and Lancaster, PA where members
cheered on Thad, played by Tommy Lee Jones.
 Society President Ross Hetrick was able to
meet Tony Kushner, the movie’s screenwriter
who made Thad a star, at the November 19
anniversary of Lincoln‘s Gettysburg Address.
Ross thanked Tony and got his signature on the
poster made to commemorate Thad’s return to
the movies.
 We hope that Tony will be able to return to
Pennsylvania sometime to get a special tour of
Thaddeus Stevens sites.
Lincoln Screenwriter Tony Kushner signs
poster for Society President Ross Hetrick
Kathy Brabson, Gail Tomlinson, Ross Hetrick
and Donald Gallagher at Lancaster film party
on November 18.