The Great Commoner
Volume 12, No. 2  Fall 2010
Meeting On October 17
The Thaddeus Stevens Society will meet Sunday, October 17, at 1 p.m. at the
Caledonia State Park near Chambersburg, PA, for a pot luck picnic and business
The gathering will be near the park's Thaddeus Stevens blacksmith shop, which will be
open and have a display of Stevens's artifacts owned by the society. Hamburgers, hot
dogs and lemonade will be provided.
If you plan to attend the meeting, please contact Ross Hetrick  at or 717-334-1912.
Stevens Quote:
In reply to attacks that the constitution did not allow the federal government to issue
paper money, Stevens said: "If nothing could be done by Congress except what is
enumerated in the Constitution, the government could not live a week."
Williamsport School Honors Stevens
Kirk Felix, the principal of the Thaddeus Stevens Elementary School in Williamsport,
PA in 2005 decide to do some research on the school's namesake to prepare for the
institution's 25th anniversary. It turned out to be a revelation
"I was surprised at the literature I was finding," Felix said. "He was a very important
figure in education and our appreciation for him being the school's namesake went way
up." And the 39-year-old principal did not leave his discovery as a historical curiosity.
He made it part of the fabric of his school.
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Society Gives $1,350 For Cemetery Restoration
The Thaddeus Stevens Society has contributed a total of $1,350 towards the restoration
of the cemetery where Stevens is buried. Work has begun on the Shreiner-Concord
Cemetery in Lancaster, PA, but is progressing slowly. Hopefully by Stevens's next
birthday we will have a cemetery that will do justice to the Old Commoner's greatness.
Society member responded generously earlier this year and the following people gave
additional contributions beyond their normal dues: Kingsley and Mary Smith, Beverly
Palmer, Charles and Mary Stamm, Peter Rios, Carolyn Quadarella, Donald Gallagher,
Larry Gibbs, William Griscom, John Gibson, Archie Lintz, Sam Biasucci, Thomas Beck,
Frank Ninivaggi, Sally Nungesser, Wendy Swanson, Sylvia Gadient, William Allison,
Randolph Harris and Ross Hetrick.
330 Visit Blacksmith Shop
This summer 330 people heard about
Thaddeus Stevens and his iron works at
Caledonia because of the society staffing the
Thaddeus Stevens Blacksmith Shop at the
state park. For the last several years, the
society has kept the shop open for two hours
every Sunday afternoon from Memorial Day
to Labor Day.  It brings home to park visitors
what it was like when the park was an
operating iron mill and they learn about the
importance of Thaddeus Stevens.
Stevens's Legacy Continues To Affect Country
Unlike other historical figures, the work of Thaddeus Stevens continues to resonant in our
time. This was driven home recently when a federal judge in California ruled that gay
marriage was legal under the equal protection provision of the 14th Amendment -- Thad's
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