The Great
Volume 13, No. 2  Fall 2011
Meeting On November 6
   The Thaddeus Stevens Society will meet on Sunday, November 6, at 1 p.m. for a
potluck picnic at Caledonia State Park on Route 30 near Chambersburg, PA. The picnic
will be held near the Thaddeus Stevens Blacksmith shop in the park.
     Hotdogs, hamburgers and drinks will be provided. The blacksmith shop will be open
for viewing at that time. People can bring a side dish, though it is not required. If you
plan to attend, email Ross Hetrick at or
call 717-334-1912.
Stevens Quote:
   "My sands are nearly run, and I can only see with the eye of faith. I am fast
descending the downhill of life, at the foot of which stands an open grave. But you,
sir, are promised length of days and a brilliant career. If you and your compeers can
fling away ambition and realize that every human being, however lowly-born or
degraded, by fortune is your equal, that every inalienable right which belongs to you
belongs also to him, truth and righteousness will spread over the land, and you will
look down from the top of the Rocky mountains upon an empire of one hundred
millions of happy people." -- July 7, 1868, as part of presentation on a second
impeachment resolution after Andrew Johnson had been acquitted. Stevens died a
month later on August 11, 1868
Tommy Lee Jones to Play Thaddeus Stevens
   In May filmmaker Steven Spielberg announced that Tommy Lee Jones will play
Thaddeus Stevens in his upcoming movie,
Lincoln, which is being filmed this fall in
Richmond and will be released at the end of 2012. This will be the third time that Thad
has been in the movies. The first two times he fared rather badly.
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Grant Proposal Turned Down By NEH  
   A funding proposal by filmmaker Gary Goldsmith for a television mini-series about
Thaddeus Stevens and Reconstruction was turned down by the National Endowment
for the Humanities in July. The Thaddeus Stevens Society had been working with
Goldsmith as the non-profit group that would have received and administered the
funds. While Goldsmith is disappointed by the outcome, he may mount another effort
in the future.
Stevens Society To Participate In Holiday
Non-Profit Giving Bazaar
   The Thaddeus Stevens Society will participate with other Adams County non-profit
groups in a bazaar that presents a host of giving opportunities during the holiday
season. The "Holiday Shopping Spree: Gifts That Show You Care," is being sponsored
by the Adams County Community Foundation and will be held Thursday, November
17, from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Gettysburg Hotel on Lincoln Square.
     Non-profit groups, including the Thaddeus Stevens Society, will present various
gift donations that people can make in the names of friends and relatives. The event
will be very festive, complete with refreshments. Come by and see us.
Events at Gettysburg and Stevens College To
Mark Stevens's 220th Birthday Next Year
   A seminar, dinner and special exhibit of Thaddeus Stevens items are being planned
to mark Stevens's 220th birthday in April 2012.
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Danville, VT Honors Its Hometown Boy
   The Danville Historic Society in Thaddeus Stevens’s home town of Danville, VT,
will dedicate a vintage print of Stevens on Oct. 30. The keynote speaker for the event
will be Ross Hetrick, president of the Thaddeus Stevens Society, who will talk on how
growing up in Vermont influenced Stevens.
   The picture of Stevens is a replica of a 1898 print. Plates for that print were
discovered in 2002 by the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster and 1,000 new
copies were made, complete with the caption “Fearless Champion For Freedom Of
The Oppressed.”
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Named
One Of Top 120 American Community Colleges
   The Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology has been named one of the top 120
community colleges in America by the Aspen Institute, a Washington, D.C. think tank.
Stevens was the only two-year college in Pennsylvania to receive the designation,
which was based on graduation rates and the proportion of low-income and minority
students who complete their courses. “We are incredibly honored to be named among
some of the nation’s top ranked colleges,” said Stevens president William Griscom.
   Stevens College, founded in 1905, was established to fulfill Thaddeus Stevens's
desire that a non-discriminatory institute be established where everybody “would be
served at the same table.”