The Great
Volume 15, No. 2  Fall 2013
Meeting On November 3
There will be a homecoming for Thad when the Thaddeus Stevens Society meets
Sunday, November 3, at 1 p.m. in the Thaddeus Stevens Conference Room at the
Gettysburg Hotel in Lincoln Square in Gettysburg. The meeting will include the
dedication of a print of Stevens in the room where his first law office was located.
To mark the occasion, the Society will exhibit our extensive collection of Stevens
artifacts, including two stoves made at Stevens’s Maria and Caledonia iron mills. The
Caledonia stove was generously donated by Leslie Robinson and Lynn Jensen of York,
PA. You can see both stoves at this link:
After a presentation about the artifacts, there will be a buffet lunch and business
meeting. The cost of the lunch is $15 payable at the meeting or by using the donation
button at the bottom of our webpage at this link:
If you plan to attend, please contact us by emailing us at or by calling 717-334-1912.
The Blacksmith of Caledonia Park
For the past three summers on Sunday afternoons, David Sucke has been pounding
away at red hot metal to the delight of visitors at Caledonia State Park’s blacksmith
shop. Click here for story:
What Is Happening At Thad's Lancaster's House?
Fundraising for a Thaddeus Stevens museum at his house in Lancaster is several years
in the future, but we may be able to set up some sort of summer weekend exhibit in the
meantime. Click here for story:
Baseball, Graves And A Burnt Iron Mill
In the last several months, the Thaddeus Stevens Society has been involved in a
graveside ceremony at Stevens grave, a presentation on the burning of Caledonia Iron
Mill and Thaddeus Stevens Day at Lancaster stadium.
The graveside ceremony in April marked Steven’s 221th birthday, included remarks by
Stevens Society president Ross Hetrick who called for action to put the cemetery on a
firm financial footing. The video of the ceremony can be found at this link:
On June 29,  the 150th anniversary of the burning of Steven’s Caledonia iron mill near
Chambersburg, was marked by a presentation by Hetrick at Caledonia State Park that
was attended by more than 60 people. You can see the video at this link:
Then on August 24, it was Thaddeus Stevens Day at the Lancaster Stadium where
bobbleheads of the Great Commoner were handed out. Dozens of Society members
attended and enjoyed a barbeque buffet. Here is a link to an article about  Stevens Day
at the stadium:
Save Thad's Wig
An effort to restore  Thaddeus Stevens’s deteriorating wig, made famous in the Lincoln
movie, has been launched by the Lancaster Historical Society and the Philadelphia-
based Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts.
 The Conservation Center in late September named the wig one of Pennsylvania’s top
10 endangered artifacts and launched a web campaign to raise $5,000 to restore it. You
can find  more information about the campaign at this link;
The historical society, which owns the wig, will use the money to fix the bald spot at
the top of the wig and to buy a traveling case and a display case for the wig. For more
information on the effort, click on this link:
Stevens Quote:
Our object should be not only to end this terrible war now, but to prevent its recurrence.
All must admit that slavery is the cause of it. Without slavery we should this day be a
united and happy people. . . . The principles of our Republic are wholly incompatible with
slavery. -- "Subduing the Rebellion" speech in Congress, January 22, 1862.