The Great
Volume 16, No. 2  Fall 2014
Meeting On October 12
The Thaddeus Stevens Society will meet on Sunday, October 12, at Caledonia State Park, near
Chambersburg, at 1 p.m. in the picnic area near the Thaddeus Stevens blacksmith shop. The park is
located at the intersection of Routes 30 and 233. To get to the picnic, park in the parking lot at that
intersection and walk across the foot bridge directly across Route 233.
We will serve hamburgers and hotdogs along with drinks. Side dishes are appreciated, but not required.
Besides seeing changes in the blacksmith shop, members will be able to see the Society’s new cabana tent
and our mobile exhibit. If you plan to attend, please call Ross Hetrick at 717-334-1912 or email us at
Two Good Books On The Civil
War And Reconstruction
Frank Cummins, a Society member and former naval officer,
broadcaster and foreign service officer, reviews
The Fall of
the House of Dixie
and The Wars of Reconstruction. Click
here for story:
The cemetery where Thaddeus Stevens is buried
came alive on June 19 when hundreds of people
clad in white welcomed in the summer with the
annual Fete en Blanc (Party In White), an
international party event adopted in Lancaster.
Besides dining on scrumptious food and dancing,
party goers were treated to a great bust of Thad
beside his grave, done by sculptor George
Mummert, and explanations of Stevens importance
by Society members.
The event is one of the many ways that the Shreiner-
Concord Cemetery Foundation is trying to make the
historic cemetery a vital part of Lancaster’s historic
and cultural environment
450 People Learn About Thad At Blacksmith Shop
Members of the Thaddeus Stevens Society talked to 450 people this summer at the Thaddeus Stevens
Blacksmith shop at the Caledonia State Park near Chambersburg. Staffing the shop during the summer
months on Sunday, Society members explained how the park was the site of Steven’s iron works, which
employed 250 people. In addition, volunteer blacksmith David Sucke gave demonstrations of the smithy
Thanks goes out to the following members for giving up their Sunday afternoon to staff the shop: Truman
and Beverley Eddy, Kathy Brabson, Bob Windemuth, George Muschamp and Ross Hetrick.
Thad's Cemetery Comes Alive With "Fete en Blanc"
Sculptor George Mummert next to his bust of
Thad at the "Fete en Blanc."
Statue of Stevens To Be Erected in Washington, D.C.
One of the greatest tributes to Thaddeus Stevens will be erected in the next four or five years at the
historic Stevens school in Washington, D.C.  Click here for story:
Thad Returns to Stevens, PA
Thaddeus Stevens, played by Ross Hetrick, got a
triumphant welcome in the town named after the Great
Commoner on August 2. Residents of Stevens, PA,
north of Lancaster, celebrated the 100th anniversary of
the Stevens Fire Company with a parade of fire
engines. Leading the parade was Thad on top of an
antique engine, clanging a bell and waving to the
citizens of his town.
After the parade, Stevens explained he had been given
special leave from the afterlife, where he spends an
eternity sticking a pitchfork into Jefferson Davis.
Ross Hetrick playing Thad at Stevens, PA parade.
Stevens Quote:
"It is my purpose no where in these remarks to make personal reproaches; I entertain no ill-will toward any
human being, nor any brute, that I know of, not even the skunk across the way to which I referred." June
10, 1850.
Plaque Up On Thad's Bridge In Lancaster
The long awaited plaque honoring Thad is up on his bridge in Lancaster. Many thanks to state Rep. Mike
Sturla for keeping up the effort to have a bridge named after Stevens over the last decade. No dedication
ceremony has been set, but it should be in the coming months. Take a minute to look at the pictures of
the plaque and the bridge supplied by Randy Harris of Lancaster. They are magnificent. Click here for