The Great Commoner
Volume 13, No. 1  Spring 2011
Meeting On March 29
The Thaddeus Stevens Society will meet on Tuesday, March 29, with Thomas R.
Ryan, president and CEO of the Lancaster Historical Society, to hear a presentation on
plans for the Thaddeus Stevens house in Lancaster and how the Society might help.
We will gather at El Rodeo Restaurant, 1441 Manheim Pike, at 5:30 p.m. for a short
business meeting before going to the Historical Society at 230 North President Ave. at 7
Last December, the Historical Society took over the Thaddeus Stevens house on Queen
Street in Lancaster from the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County, which
had run into financial difficulties on the project. For more information, see related article
in newsletter. If you plan to attend the meeting, please contact Ross Hetrick at or call 717-334-1912.
Stevens Quote:
"I know it has been suggested that the President [Buchanan] intentionally left those forts
in a defenseless condition, that South Carolina might seize them before his successor
[Lincoln] had time to take means for their safety. I cannot believe it; I will not believe it,
for it would make Mr. Buchanan a more odious traitor than Benedict Arnold. Every
drop of blood that shall be shed in the conflict would sit heavy on his soul forever,"
Speech in Congress, January 29, 1861
Stevens Lancaster House Taken Over by
Lancaster Historic Society
The Thaddeus Stevens house project has gotten a new lease on life with the takeover in
December by the Lancaster Historical Society, which replaces the Historic Preservation
Trust of Lancaster as the leaser of the Stevens house on Queen Street.
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Stevens Society Joins With Filmmaker To Apply
For Grant For Mini-Series
The Thaddeus Stevens Society has joined with Los Angeles filmmaker Gary Goldsmith
to seek a federal grant to make a television mini-series about Thaddeus Stevens and
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Thaddeus Stevens Sign To Be Erected By
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg College, which has a strong connection to Thaddeus Stevens, plans to erect a
wayside historic sign in front of a college building named after Stevens on Carlisle Street
in Gettysburg.
The sign, which go up in the coming months, tells about Stevens invovlvement with the
college and how he led efforts to enact the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the
Constitution and was the chief architect of Reconstruction.
As a state representative, Stevens was responsible for getting the state to provide $18,000
to Gettysburg College in 1834. He went on to serve on its board for 34 years and
prevented the college from moving from Gettysburg in 1854.
A dedication of the marker is planned for April 2012.
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