The Great Commoner
Volume 18, No. 1  Spring 2016
Stevens stamp effort marches on
The effort to get a commemorative stamp for Thaddeus Stevens is still being pursued. Find out
what you can do to help by clicking this link:
Stamp Effort
Graveside ceremony and meeting on April 8 in Lancaster
 The annual graveside ceremony marking Thaddeus Stevens’s birthday and the spring meeting of
the Society will be held on  Friday, April 8, in Lancaster, PA. The Society will display its extensive
collection of Stevens artifacts at the dinner following the ceremony.
 The graveside event will be held at 4:30 p.m. at the Shreiner-Concord Cemetery at the corner of
Mulberry and Chestnut Streets. Then at 6 p.m. there will be a free dinner at the Elks Club at 219 N.
Duke Street.  The club’s parking lot can be entered by turning left on the N. Cherry alley just east of
Duke Street. After the dinner, there will be a brief business meeting and then Society President Ross
Hetrick will explain the Stevens collection.
 If you plan to attend, please email or call 717-334-1912.
Gettysburg needs a Thaddeus Stevens statue
 At the November 1, 2015 membership meeting, the Thaddeus Stevens Society voted to begin a
fundraising effort for a Stevens statue in the Gettysburg area. There is now only one statue of Stevens
in the entire nation, which is at the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Lancaster, PA.
Another one is planned in Washington, D.C. in the next five years as part of the renovation of the
historic Stevens school.
 Interest in a Stevens statue in Gettysburg was recently sparked by the erection of a Lincoln statue in
front of the Thaddeus Stevens Hall at Gettysburg College. In letters to the editor and columns in the
Gettysburg Times, people questioned why there were seven statues of  Lincoln in the town but none of
Stevens, even though he lived in Gettysburg for 26 years, represented the area in the state legislature
and helped established Gettysburg College.
 Possible locations for the statue would include Lincoln Square near the site where Stevens had his
first law office and Gettysburg College. The Society is now in the process of collecting pledges, which
will only be paid when a suitable sculptor and location are determined. It is a process that could five or
more years.
 If you’d like to help in this effort, please email us at or call 717-
Celebrating the Second Founding
 The next three years will mark the 150th anniversary of the Second Founding of the United States,
which was led by Thaddeus Stevens. While the Civil War kept the country united and destroyed
slavery, the Second Founding that followed established the framework that protects civil and equal
rights, which had not existed previously. Click here for article:
Second Founding