The Great Commoner
Volume 19, No. 1  Spring 2017
Stevens College to mark Thad's 225th birthday
To mark the 225th birthday of Thaddeus Stevens, the Stevens College of Technology is holding
lectures at its Learning Resource Center Seminar Room at noon Thursday, April 6, and Friday, A
7. The Thursday lecture will be by Kathy Brabson, author of
Life of Thaddeus Stevens, who will
speak on how Stevens early life relates to modern students. The Friday lecture will be by Ross
Hetrick, president of the Thaddeus Stevens Society, who will talk about the group's 18-year effort to
promote Stevens. The college is located at 750 E. King Street, Lancaster, PA. The seminary room is
located in
the building directly behind the college's main building, Mellor Hall, which has a clock
tower. The event is free and light lunch will be served.
Graveside ceremony and meeting on April 7 in Lancaster
    The annual Thaddeus Stevens graveside ceremony will be held on Friday, April 7, at 4:30 p.m. at
the Shreiner-Concord Cemetery at the corner of Mulberry and Chestnut Streets in Lancaster, PA.
The ceremony will be followed at 6 p.m. by a free dinner at the Elks Cub at 219 N. Duke Street.
Parking is available in the back by going up Chestnut Street and turning into the N. Cherry alley.
After the dinner there will be a short Thaddeus Stevens Society meeting and presentation. If you plan
to attend, please call 717-334-1912 or email
Lifetime memberships improve Society's finances
    Hilda O'Neal Nitchman has been one of the best things to have happened to the Thaddeus Stevens
Society because of her request for a lifetime membership. For story, click here:
Talk on Thaddeus Stevens's iron mills
    Caledonia state park, the location of a Stevens iron mill, will host a talk by Stevens Society
President Ross Hetrick on the history of the iron mill on Tuesday, April 4, at 1 p.m. in the park's
main office. The park is located near Chambersburg, PA at the intersection of Routes 30 and 233.
The even
t is free and a light lunch will be served.
First annual Abolitionists Day
   More than 100 people attended the first annual Abolitionists day that was held on March 4 at the
Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary. For story, click here:
Thaddeus Stevens's Quote:
    "Those who suppose that the southern leaders were actuated by a desire to redress grievances,
either real or fancied, greatly mistake the real object of the traitors. They have rebelled for no redress
of grievances, but to establish a slave oligarchy which would repudiate the odious doctrine of the
Declaration of Independence, and justify the establishment of an empire admitting the principle of
king, lords and slaves." -- January 22, 1862.
Click Here For Abolitionists Day Video