Lifetime memberships improve Society's Finances
   Hilda O'Neal Nitchman has been one of the best things to
have happened to the Thaddeus Stevens Society.
   When the Hanover, PA resident decided to join the Society
three years ago, she insisted on getting a lifetime membership.
She explained that this is the way she joined organizations,
eliminating the need to renew ever
y year and being very
generous in the process. The Society had no such
membership category. But to accommodate Hilda, we created
two lifetime membership designations for $500 and $1,000. It
was the best financial decision we ever made.
   Since Hilda became our first lifetime member, five more

people have been added to the rooster, which has significantly
helped the Society's fiscal health and allowed us to acquire
more Stevens historical artifacts, pay for important events like
Abolitionists Day and to make additional contributions to the
upkeep of the cemetery where Stevens is buried.
   A person who gets a $500 lifetime membership receives a
framed print of Thaddeus Stevens and a plaque
acknowledging their contribution. A $1,000 lifetime
membership also receives these tokens of our appreciation
along with either a Stevens bobblehead or statuette. The
names of all lifetime members are inscribed on a perpetual
plaque kept by the Society.
   We will be recognizing our most recent lifetime members --
Kenneth Lundeen and Thomas Englert -- at the Stevens Day
dinner on April 7. And it all wouldn't have happened except
that Hilda persuaded us to start a lifetime membership
category. Thank you Hilda.
Hilda O'Neal Nitchman holding the perpetual plaque with
names of lifetime members inscribed on it.