What Is Happening at Thad's Lancaster House
Would you be willing to spare a few hours on summer
weekends to staff the Thaddeus Stevens house in
Lancaster to tell tourists about the greatness of Thad?
While it will be several years before there is a Stevens’
s museum at his home on Queen Street, the Thaddeus
Stevens Society has been talking to the Lancaster
Historical Society about the possibility of having
volunteers in the vacant house during the summer with
some Stevens artifacts to tell about his life. If you are
interested in this idea, please let us know by emailing
us at this link: EMAIL or calling 717-334-1912.
The exterior of Stevens’s house has been beautifully
restored to its 1860s look. But the interior remains a
shell until money can be raised to build a Stevens
museum. The Lancaster Historical Society, which
controls the house, will not begin fundraising for the
project until 2020. That is because it just finished a
multi-million campaign and must wait a number of
years before beginning another one. But the group
back in March said it was going to apply for a planning
grant for the effort from the National Endowment for
the Humanities.
The Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster, another
organization that protects historical buildings, several years ago
saved the Stevens house from demolition to make way for the
Lancaster Convention Center and restored its façade. But
unexpected construction expenses left the group with heavy
debts and the house was turned over to the Historical Society in
While we have to wait patiently for a full-scale museum for
Stevens, maybe we can give people a little taste by staffing the
house on summer weekends.
Thaddeus Steven's House on Queen Street in Lancaster, PA