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A blog to discuss Thaddeus Stevens, the most powerful congressman in the Civil War and the father of the 14th Amendment.
Entry for April 26, 2008
Hi Everybody.  This is the beginning of a new blog about Thaddeus Stevens. Here we'll talk about current events involving Thad and what people thing about them. The most important recent event has been the unveiling of the first-ever statue of Stevens at the Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.
2008-04-26 18:00:01 GMT
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Cool! I have just read "Battle Cry of Freedom" after takeing a trip to Washington D.C. and Richmond where I became very interested in learning more about the Civil War. Thaddeus played a huge role in congress at the time. My mother's maiden name is Stevens and we can trace them back to Boston in 1630. I was wondering if anyone has imformation on Thaddeus's genealogy for I am curious if he is decended from that same clan of Stevens.

I never even knew there was a college named after him. Intersting!!!
2008-09-11 16:52:23 GMT
Thanks for the entry on our blog. You're right, Stevens played an incredibly important role in the Civil War and Reconstruction. As to Steven's genealogy, he had no children and of his three brothers, only his older brother Joshua, who lived in Indianapolis, had a continuing line. Fortunately, all those descendants have been traced and are aware of their connection to the Great Commoner. Many of them are also members of the Thaddeus Stevens Society. I don't know if Stevens descended from the same Stevens that you hail from. Thanks again for your post.
--Ross Hetrick, Society President
2008-09-13 10:18:52 GMT
Steven~~ My widfe is a descendent; write us and we can give you a geneology.
--P K Smith
2008-10-04 23:46:39 GMT

I am a son of a Confederate soldier, but I know that he didn't fight for the rich slave holder...he basically had to join in 1863 or get conscripted. I am a Southerner, but Thaddeus Stevens is the consummate Republican. I wish that my party would return to Old school Republicanism. I am glad that society exists and if I lived in the War of Rebellion, I would hope that Thaddeus Stevens would have helped a poor hard scrabble Southern farmer as I surely would have been.

A question: What church did Thaddeus Stevens attend? If any.
2008-10-18 10:14:01 GMT
Hi Brad. Thanks for your inquiry and I particularly appreciate your feelings towards Thad, considering your background. Actually, a lot of the legislation that Stevens promoted during Reconstruction did help poor white southerners along with freed blacks. One such measure was the creation of public education, which didn't exist in the South before the Civil War. As to his religion, he gave to many churchs, but attended few. When pressed, he said he was a Baptist like his very religious mother. Once a letter writer told Stevens that he had been told Stevens was a non-believer, he replied: "I have always been a firm believer in the Bible. He is a fool who disbelieves the existence of God as you say is charged on me. I also believe in the existence of a hell for the especial benefit of this slanderer."
--Ross Hetrick
2008-10-21 14:19:31 GMT
My grandmother, Jeanetta Josephine Stevens, often said that we were related to Thaddeus Stevens but she never said how. I found this blog and am hopeful that someone may have some family tree information that shows the connection. Her date of birth was 04/12/1907. Her father was Henry Elikum Stevens 04/01/1871, and his father was Elikum Stevens no DOB available. Any information you could provide would be much appreciated.
2009-01-27 03:02:41 GMT
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