We need to move to the next level
We have done a lot of great things in the last 10 years and we’ve had a lot of fun
doing them. But it’s time for us to move to the next level and hire a part-time
executive director.
This is why at our next meeting on March 28 I am going to propose that we talk to a
lawyer about the process of hiring an executive director and then launch an effort to
raise $15,000 to fund the position for one year.
While we have been able to do a great deal as an all-volunteer organization, thereâ
€™s a lot more to be done that requires at least a part-time employee. These include
initiating archeological efforts at various Stevens-related sites, organizing seminars
about Stevens and Reconstruction and promoting Stevens scholarship.
I would also want to be personally considered for the position. This would mean the
selection process would be handled by other people in our organization and I would
have to relinquish the position of president if I were chosen. The actual procedure
would have to be determined in consultation with our attorney so as to be within the
regulations for non-profits.
So I hope you will support this effort to take the next important step in the
development of the Thaddeus Stevens Society.

Ross Hetrick, president