Society Meeting on March 28 In Fairfield
The Thaddeus Stevens Society will meet
Saturday, March 28, for a tour of the
remains of the Tapeworm Railroad and
the Maria Furnace in the Fairfield, PA
We will gather at the parking lot of the
Fairfield post office at Route 116 and
Orrtanna Road at 10 a.m.
From there we will travel to three sites
to see two viaducts of the Tapeworm
Railroad and the remnants of the stone
furnace of the Maria Iron works. After
that, we will go to the Fairfield Inn at
12:30 p.m. for lunch and a business
One of the subjects of the meeting will
be a proposal to investigate the possibility
of raising $15,000 in order to hire a
part-time executive director. See editorial
in other part of the newsletter for further
discussion of this subject.
The controversial Tapeworm Railroad
was a state project to build a railroad
from Gettysburg to Western Maryland.
Started in 1836, it was the pet project of
Thaddeus Stevens, who was a powerful
A Viaduct of the Tapeworm Railroad in
member of the state legislature at the time.
It was called the Tapeworm by its critics
because of it's zigzag path along the
mountains. Work on the railroad ended in
1839 after Stevens lost political power.
The Maria Furnace was Stevens first foray
into the iron business. He and other
investors started the furnace in the
mid-1820s and left it in 1837 when
operations were transferred to the
Caledonia Iron mill near Chambersburg.
For more information on the meeting,
please call Ross Hetrick at 717-334-5227
or email him by clicking this link: