Thaddeus Stevens Society business meeting agenda 12/4/2020

  1. Minutes

  2. Financial report

  3. Officer nominations

  4. Increasing donation to Stevens cemetery from $500 to $1,000

  5. Creation of 5-person advisory committee

  6. Request for volunteers for Second Founding Festival and Stevens’s 2022 Birthday Bash

  7. Other business

  8. Adjournment


Thaddeus Stevens Society minutes for November 10, 2019

(Note: The Society’s spring 2020 meeting was cancelled because of the pandemic.)


Present: Ross Hetrick, George Muschamp, Valerie Fisher, Donald Gallagher, Rex Lord, Michele Downing, Bob Windemuth, Jim Paddock, Stephany Moyer, Randy Harris, Marguerite Wilson, Glenn Sitterly, Sharon Dietz, Bill Millar, Paul Moschette


     The fall meeting of the Thaddeus Stevens Society was held on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019, at 11 a.m. at the Caledonia State Park. There was a short program in the Thaddeus Stevens Blacksmith shop conducted by Hetrick. The group then drove to an nearby area known as “Africa” during the 1800s for a tour of the graves of US Colored Troops in three areas conducted by Glenn Sitterly.

     The group then went to Ciao Bella Italian Restaurant for lunch and a business meeting. The minutes for the April 2019 meeting and financial report were approved after the minutes were revised to read “Randy Harris announced that the Lancaster Convention Center is planning to contribute to the renovation of the Stevens/Smith house.

     Then the following motions were discussed and approved:

  1. Harris moved and Wilson seconded a motion to create a committee to plan the April 2022 Stevens birthday celebration and statue unveiling. After discussion, the motion passed.

  2. Paddock moved and Lord seconded a motion to spend $500 to buy Stevens prints from the Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. After discussion, the motion passed.

  3. Paddock moved and Wilson seconded a motion to spend $340 to make another Stevens bust to be donated to Gettysburg College. After discussion, the motion passed.

  4. Lord moved and Muschamp seconded a motion to begin an effort to change the Pennsylvania statue in the U.S. Capitol Statuary to Thaddeus Stevens. After discussion the motion passed.

  5. Moyer moved and Muschamp seconded a motion to create a fund to support restoring Stevens’s Lancaster house. After discussion, the motion passed.

The meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.

Submitted by Valerie Fisher, secretary.


Thaddeus Stevens Society Financial Report November 30, 2019 to November 30, 2020




Abolitionists Day Donations                 300.00

Amazon Smile                                         46.61

Dues                                                    3,235.70

Extra Contributions                               357.00

Honorarium for playing Thad                 20.00

House Fund Donations                      3,318.60

Interest                                                  308.89

Lifetime Memberships                      2,466.40

Merchandise Sales                               247.86

Paypal Donation                                       4.00

Sales Tax Collected                                  8.74

Statue Donations                                5,090.00

Total Income                                   15,403.80


Accounts 11/30/2019

Checking                                            1,003.45

Statue Fund                                      21,575.06

House Fund                                            50.00

Total                                                                        22, 628.51


Income                                                                  + 15,403.80

Expenses                                                                - 6,089.32


Accounts 11/30/2020

Checking                                            1,600.44

Statue Fund                                      26,972.91

House Fund                                        3,369.65

Total                                                                         31,942.99


Abolitionists Day                               1,739.58

Business Expenses                                849.98

Cemetery Donation                               500.00

Equipment                                             174.73

Adams County Library Fun Fest             30.00

Merchandise Purchases                          113.28

PO Box                                                   112.00

Postage                                                   381.61

Preservation PA Dues                              75.00

Stevens Print purchases                         600.00

Newsletter printing                                228.00

Sales Tax Paid                                         19.09

Stevens Artifacts                                    814.41

Web Page                                               451.64

Total Expenses                                  6,089.32