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Books About Thaddeus Stevens 


Life of Thad Stevens

What Part of "All Men Are Created Equal" Do You Not

By Kathy Brabson, Ph.D. 2013


Youth who are itching to meet a "real" character -- scratched, scraped and scarred -- from Pennsylvania and U.S. history will appreciate this fictionalized biography. 
     Born with a physical handicap, Thad Stevens hobbles through childhood essentially fatherless, friendless and penniless. He comes to discover that all men, indeed, are not treated equally in the early 1800s United States. The journey of young Thad toward confronting his adversity, sharpening his tongue and standing firm against his enemies will captivate students and the self-proclaimed "history-challenged" alike.
     Readers will witness mature U.S. Representative Stevens drive through failures and victories as promoter of public education, opponent of slavery, conductor on the Underground Railroad, framer of Civil War Reconstruction and prosecutor of a U.S. President. Observers will assess whether by his death on August 11, 1868, Thad has achieved his mission: To hold the country accountable for the primary principle of the Declaration of Independence: "All men are created Equal."

Books Available On Amazon

Thaddeus Stevens- Civil War Revolutionary, Fighter for Racial Justice.jpeg

Thaddeus Stevens: Civil War Revolutionary, Fighter for Racial Justice

By Bruce Levine 2021

Written by an acclaimed Civil War historian, this definitive biography of one of the 19th century’s greatest statesmen, encompassing his decades-long fight against slavery, his key role in the Union war effort, and his postwar struggle to bring racial justice to America.

Thaddeus Stevens in Gettysburg- The Making of an Abolitionist.png

Thaddeus Stevens in Gettysburg: The Making of an Abolitionist

By Bradley R. Hoch 2005

The most authoritative book about Stevens's time in Gettysburg, PA. It provides great insight into how Stevens's political philosophy was formed. The book stops in 1842 when Stevens moved to Lancaster and became a Congressman.

Thaddeus Stevens, Nineteenth Century Egalitarian.jpeg

Thaddeus Stevens, Nineteenth Century Egalitarian

By Hans Trefousse 1997

A scholarly book by one of the foremost experts on Reconstruction and the Radical Republicans.

Thaddeus Stevens and the Fight For Negro Rights.png

Thaddeus Stevens and the Fight For Negro Rights

By Milton Meltzer 1967

This is a very concise, easy to read book that gives the highlights of Stevens's life.


Thaddeus Stevens: Scourge of the South

By Fawn M. Brodie 1966

"More imaginatively than any other Stevens biographer, Fawn Brodie has speculated upon the emotional springs of the man's behavior. More resourcefully than any other, she has brought out the objective conditions to which he related his views on the South. Her book must be taken into account by all serious students of the Civil War and Reconstruction." ―Richard N. Current, William F. Allen Professor of History, The University of Wisconsin

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