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Upcoming events:

Sunday, June 25, 2023, 1 p.m. :

   A one-man show about the burning of the Caledonia iron works in June 1863 will be presented on Sunday, June 25, at 1 p.m. at the park office of Caledonia State Park at 101 Pine Grove Road (Rt. 233)  in Fayetteville, PA. The performance is free.

   Caledonia iron works, which was owned by Thaddeus Stevens, was burned by Confederate forces in June 1863 on their way to the battle of Gettysburg. The destruction of the iron furnace was the largest civilian financial loss of the Gettysburg campaign, totaling $75,000 in the currency of that period.

   Stevens, the most powerful congressman during and after the Civil War, owned Caledonia iron works from 1837 to 1868. The operation included 18,000 acres and employed 250 people.

   Ross Hetrick, president of the Thaddeus Stevens Society, will portray Stevens telling about the burning and the aftermath. Light refreshments will be served. People planning to attend are asked to send an email to

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